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Voice and Data Cabling

One of the keys to a successful business in Orlando today is reliable and properly installed voice and data cabling. In the early days of data communications (data comm) cabling it was common to use category 3 (Cat-3) cabling for voice lines and category 5 (Cat-5) for data. Today category 5E (Cat-5E) or category 6 (Cat-6) cabling is frequently used for both voice and data. Even if the voice cables are currently being used with a traditional Private Branch Exchange (PBX) it may be possible to re-terminate the cabling for use with VOIP Technology (please see article below) as it becomes cost effective. Click here to schedule a site survey at your location.

Voice and Data Cabling Types

As a low voltage systems contractor in Orlando, Network Hook Up has had the opportunity to work with many different cable types and configurations. Copper cabling such as Cat-3, Cat-5, Cat 5E, and Cat-6 come in a variety of different styles to meet the many different applications of businesses in Central Florida. For Indoor use the jacket around the cable comes in two styles plenum and non plenum. Plenum cable is used in plenum air spaces. To determine if your space requires plenum cable it is best to contact your local fire marshal or contact our office for a site survey at (407) 461-1237. In industrial environments with high levels of electromagnetic interference (EMI), shielded cable is frequently used. For outdoor use whether directly buried in the ground or inside conduit gel filled cable is used. Network Hook Up has also installed armored direct burial fiber optic cable. Click to see a picture of this project on our fiber optic installation page.

Voice and Data Cabling Services

  • Voice Cabling
  • Structured Cabling
  • VOIP Cabling
  • Data Communications Cabling
  • Armored Fiber Optic Cable
  • PVC/Plenum, Sheilded, Direct Burial Cable

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VOIP Cabling

In recent years the Telecommunications industry has been developing a new technology called voice over internet protocol (VOIP). VOIP has many advantages, one of which is to reduce the cost of long distance. Another is the ability to have an employee work from home by plugging their office phone into their home network allowing calls to be transferred to their extension as if they were in the office. When installing VOIP cabling in Orlando, Network Hook Up recommends as best practices that separate Cat-6 network cabling be run and terminated on a separate patch panel. Click here to schedule a site survey.