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Wireless Networking and Business Continuity Management:

If your company has multiple locations seperated by a few miles or just across the parking lot, we offer a secure wireless option to connect them. Even if they are all ready connected with fiber optic cabling a pair of wireless bridges will create a redundent method of connectivity, which is part of any good business continuity managment plan. Call today to schedule a site survey at your location.

Wireless Networking Security:

When installing wireless networks we look for and remove potential security risks. These include changing default passwords on access points and routers, enabling encryption, MAC address filtering and changing the default SSID on access points and routers. Wireless networking provides many benefits and also brings security risks. At Network Hookup we install, configure and secure wireless networks so that they are reliable, safe and secure. We have over ten years of networking installation, support and security experience, let us put it to work for you. Click here to get a quote on your next wireless networking project or call our Orlando office for more information at (407) 461-1237.

Wireless Services

  • Wireless Networks
  • Wireless Network Security
  • Wireless Guest Network
  • Wireless Bridges
  • Wireless Printer Configuration
  • Wireless Router Configuration

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Wireless Guest Network

The ability to set up a secure guest wireless network found on many of the enterprise level Wireless Access Points (WAPs) Network Hookup has been installing for years has become commonly available on many of the wireless routers that can be purchased at most consumer electronics stores. A guest wireless network allows guests access to the internet but not the personal computers, smart TVs, smart phones, tablets or any other devices you might have on your local area network (LAN).